How to Write An Essay Outline?

How to Write An Essay Outline?

The essay is a high-level research paper that is common in various graduate and postgraduate degree programs. Students use different methods to conduct detailed research.

Similarly, a good essay writer knows a great essay is based on original ideas and research. It could be of any type but most students get an argumentative essay that stresses a particular point.

The main goal is to come up with the shortest possible paper that contains all the required information. Avoid including unnecessary and irrelevant information. The average essay length is about 40 pages that include all the text and list of references.

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There are some of the students who lack good writing skills. Are you one of them who desperately looks for help and wonder can someone help me? Don't worry, you are in the right place. This article has provided you everything to get started with your essay outline.

How to Start an essay?

Writing an essay becomes easier when you have to prepare everything beforehand. Having a complete plan in the form of a well-structured outline is a great way to stay focused. It will help you divide your essay into sections.

It contains the following chapters.

  1.       Research Topic

The first step is to choose a research topic to start writing. Mention and explain the reasons why did you choose this particular topic. Also, discuss its significance by making details and points one by one. However, do not add any research results in it.

  1.       Introduction

This section includes a brief background, an overview of the research and an essay statement. A strong but precise statement offers a brief explanation of your essay.

Make sure to include original work and analysis and break it into logical segments.

  1.       Literature Review

It is important to study the existing literature before you conduct your research. Identify what methods are used to acquire the results and analyze all the details. Also, discuss how they are relevant to your research. Lastly, review all the relevant literature in this section.

  1.       Research Methodology

Select the type of methodology that you will use in your research. It totally depends on your field of study. Qualitative research methods are mainly used for humanities and other theoretical studies. While scientific researches require quantitative methods.

  1.       Research Findings and Results

It is high time you should discuss your research results with reference to the essay statement and essay. These findings should be clearly stated at the beginning of the paragraphs. It will assist in informing the readers that if your essay has generated the expected results or not.

  1.       Conclusion

Conclude your outline by restating the essay statement and research findings. Do not include any new ideas here as it will leave a bad impression on the readers. Also, try to add broader implications of your results.

  1.       Research Limitations

Every researcher has some sort of limitations. Sometimes, they won’t be able to do a certain level and depth of research. Thus, state your limitations in this section. These may include the financial issues, time constraints and limited data available.  

  1.       References

Proper referencing or citation is important to include in your essay. It prevents the risk of plagiarism and increases the credibility and authenticity of your work. Arrange the list of resources alphabetically according to the given format.

Refer to the above-mentioned steps to write a perfect outline for your essay. However, an essaywriter can find professional services online, they can help them in writing the best essay on any required topic. 

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